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Y-PLAN NYC civic action projects we featured in May 2015: Remarks were made by DOT Vision Zero Safety Education Director Marjorie Marciano and the Key note address was made by NYU Professor Pedro Noguera; 'It is important for us to ask why?'

Y-PLAN NYC featured these NYC NAF High Schools:
* Academy for Language and Technology: Creating a Housing Strategy for Survivors of Domestic Violence
* Manhattan Bridges: Advocating for Tenants’ Rights in Harlem
* Grover Cleveland: Digital Apps for Safer Streets
* City Polytechnic: Engineering Strategies for Vision Zero
* Academy of Innovative Technology: Equitable + Affordable Housing in Cypress Hills

Read the 2014-15 YPLAN Civic Challenge summative report.

Congratulations to AOIT for taking time to the next level!

Read this article on the great work that Academy of Innovative Technology Students have done with the donated Google Watches (supplied by Revivn).

This was a collaborative effort between the NYC Academies Advisory Board, AOIT, Revivn and ScriptED. 

We thank you for making this a reality for these students.

Congratulations to Toastmasters Graduates ! On May 9th students presented their public speaking skills via a fun themed ceremony and received a certificate of completion. NYC NAF students voluntarily commit to participate in an 8 week series of workshops. The program leads NYC NAF students to deliver speeches with confidence, like professionals and gain leadership skills to advance in their career paths. This International Youth Leadership Toastmasters program is spear-headed by trained Toastmasters coaches who volunteer their time, effort and knowledge to develop NYC NAF High school student skills around public speaking. We congratulate and commend all the arduous efforts.

Toastmasters Graduation 2015 Program.docx

Juniper-Verizon “soft skills” mentoring session for the NAF/Manhattan Bridges HS students is featured in NJ Tech Weekly.  click here for article

NAF Academies Connects Across the Miles

On March 25 – 29, 2015, Seattle NAF Academies visited several NAF Academies in New York City. We were able to open our doors to share best practices and experiences that shape student outcomes in finance and hospitality & tourism.  Academy of Finance & Enterprise (AOF), High School of Economics and Finance (AOF) and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School (AoHT) deserves a special thank you for being such gracious hosts.  Picture:  Seattle Students; Seattle Academy Director and Leticia Milan, Assistant Principal & NYC NAF Coordinator JKO High School.

Seattle Visit to NYC JKO Chief Sealth International H S.jpg

On April 16, 2015, Susan E. Wagner High School students lead by Mrs. Jennifer Brogan, NAF Coordinator took home first place at the NYC FED challenge

Pictured and presenting team:  Joselyn Matamoros (2015), Jailene Villarroel (2015), Antonio Zakhary (2015) and Dren Jakupi (2017). Other members of the team who did not present and are not pictured: Shearjashub Batista (2018), Sarah Sakariassen (2017), Daniel Brar (2017) and Enrique Escobar (2017)

NYC FED Challenge is celebrating 20 years student competition and leadership, this High School Fed Challenge is a competition designed to bring real-world economics into the classroom. Teams play the role of monetary policymakers by analyzing economic conditions and recommending a course for monetary policy.

Congratulations to Susan E. Wagner Fed Challenge Team for winning the Maiden Lane Division.  More than 60 teams competed in the preliminary rounds of the 2015 High School Fed Challenge. Eighteen teams advanced to the semi-finals and finals.

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