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Submit Your Upcoming Summer 2017 Internship to NAF

Tell us more about your upcoming summer 2017 internship and you may be selected to be featured on our national website and social media accounts ( and @NAFCareerAcads)!

This will be a unique and fun opportunity to showcase your internship accomplishments with NAF and our followers from your first day on the job to your last! You can use the highlights on our website and social media accounts to show colleges and employers the incredible experience you had during the internship.

Click below to fill out the short form and we will be in touch with more information. If you have any questions, please email Caroline Mosley, Marketing Manager, at


Opportunities for Alumni

Learn about the latest opportunities for NAF alumni.

Lenovo Scholar Network

August 01, 2017

The winners have been announced for the Lenovo Scholar Network Mobile App Competition. Click HERE for the full press release, including information about the expansion of the partnership and  "Fan Favorite Voting" opening! Also, read all about the HONORABLE MENTIONS

Join the Lenovo Scholar Network, as well as access all materials and resources for Year 4, including the application. This document provides a full description of Professional Development opportunities with MIT, an opportunity to obtain NAFTrack credit through the program, Lenovo corporate engagement opportunities, and more. Click below to find out how to join the network.

All NAF academy themes are invited to apply! Applications are due on August 1, 2017. 

Newly Approved Courses for NAFTrack

Cambridge International Examinations courses have recently been added to the NAFTrack Certification list of approved third party courses. For the first time, students now have the opportunity to earn college credit in courses directly connected to NAF themes. 

Cambridge International Examinations 

Cambridge International Examinations is a not-for profit and part of Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge has vast experience educating and assessing students with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds with over a million students from over 10,000 schools in over 160 countries taking Cambridge courses and exams. Cambridge International Examinations provides academically rigorous curricula emphasizing critical thinking and inquiry-based learning that engages all students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in college and beyond. 

Unique to the Cambridge Program 

Cambridge Secondary 2 (9th and 10th grade) curriculum has courses that lead directly to the six A/AS Level Courses that are a part of NAFTrack and rigorously prepares the students for what they will encounter at the advanced levels. 

Six IGCSE Courses directly preparing for A and AS Level Courses:

  • IGCSE Level Design and Technology

  • IGCSE Level Accounting

  • IGCSE Level Business Studies

  • IGCSE Level Economics 

  • IGCSE Level Food and Nutrition

  • IGCSE Level Travel and Tourism 

Six Advanced Cambridge Courses part of NAFTrack Certification:

  • A and AS Level Design and Technology

  • A and AS Level Accounting   

  • A and AS Level Business       

  • A and AS Level Economics 

  • A and AS Level Food Studies

  • A and AS Level Travel and Tourism

To learn more or sign up for one of their informational webinars, email Appy Nandi at Click below to see the flyer by NAF.

United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Recognizes Mr. Robert Almonte

The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) recognizes Mr. Robert Almonte from Manhattan Bridges High School for his commitment and dedication to educating students and advancing the career and technical education programs in the high school. In a ceremony that took place in March, Mr. Almonte was presented with a plaque, and NAF’s Managing Director for Network Engagement, Tara Bellevue, shared some congratulatory wishes, along with several students.

Governor Cuomo Visits AOFE to Sign New Education Bill

On May 3, 2017, Governor Cuomo visited AOFE to sign the new education bill, a record investment of $25.8 billion in high-quality education across New York. $1.1 billion to increase education aid along with $700 million to increase foundation aid. 

Click below to see the event.

The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism High School at Erasmus 1st Cook Off!

Students with one semester of culinary training within AOHT represented their ‘house’ in a cooking competition.  Each team was given common ingredients and then one surprise ingredient to complete a meal that needed to include a vegetable, a starch and a protein and the surprise ingredient (which was Jicama, FYI.)  They were then given an hour and a half in which to cook their meal, and a desert which was to be crepes – as they are the kitchen known for their crepes.  The students were graded on Teamwork, Sanitation, Safety, Taste and Presentation.  It was a very close race, with Princeton emerging as the winner.

University Neighborhood High School AOHT Spring Business Fair & Competition

UNHS hosted the 3rd annual UNHS Spring Business Fair & Competition this year where 9th grade students taking Career & Financial Management will showcase their hard work in developing mini business plans for their entrepreneurship project. Students work in pairs to create a tri-fold display board outlining the various elements of the mini business plans that they develop for their own businesses. The students then compete is this science-fair style competition for scholarship money provided by NFTE, our curriculum partner for this course. 

CTE montyhly e-newsletter, Spotlight.

Would you like to showcase your school?

Spotlight will feature student and teacher opportunities your school teams provide. Share blurbs and pictures of any events/news you'd like featured. 


Be sure to share your relevant info by the last week of each month for a timely submission​ to Laura Bucko, Industry Engagement Manager.

Grades 9-14 Schools Weekly E-Update from OPSR and ECI is sent on Fridays with announcements and resources specifically for the early college and career schools. Reach out if anyone at your school should be added to the mailing list.


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