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NAF Academy Teacher

NAF Teachers work effectively with Academy Faculty, Administration, Central Staff, Parents, Students and Community Businesses. NAF Teacher are responsible for a variety of culminating activities that contribute to student career ready success. 




  • Design and implement in school publicity 

  • Solicit student applications

  • Set up freshman/sophomore assembly

  • Review applications and student records 

  • Organize interview panel                        

  • Interview applicants                  

  • Maintain records including applications and interview results   

  • Send out letters of acceptance and rejection to students and their parents


Ongoing  Activities:


  • Promote student workplace readiness skills

  • Use .2 allowance for small-group and/or individualized instruction or remediation or to meet other program

  • needs of students

  • Arrange for one program-related field trip per semester

  • Coordinate teacher coverage for trips

  • Distribute materials and disseminate information re conferences, deadlines, and various activities

  • Determine eligibility of graduates for the Certificate of Academy Studies

  • Attend the NAF Annual Institute for Staff Development each summer and participate in other professional growth activities

  • Attend announced Coordinator team meetings

  • Complete NAF Data Center and Self Assessment

  • Implement a regular schedule of “Dress for Success” days

  • Maintain a public relations vehicle to promote your Academy, i.e. Facebook page, blog, newsletter

  • Ensure student completion of signed Memoranda of Understanding and provide accurate, alphabetized rosters of students enrolled in the Academy and update data as required

  • Complete surveys and other reports required by the central office or the NAF

  • Develop attractive Academy hallway and classroom bulletin boards and refresh periodically




  • Determine student employment eligibility

  • Review and prepare copies of social security cards, working papers, and green cards

  • Collect student passport-size photos

  • Assist students in development of personal resumes

  • Ensure completion of “Confidential Student Evaluation”

  • forms by teachers of Academy junior classes each term

  • Obtain copies of student report cards and transcripts to determine academic eligibility for internship

  • Assist is setting pre-internship interview schedules for juniors

  • Assist students in completing summer school applications for course credit for internships

  • Collect student reports and assist students in securing

  • job-site supervisory evaluations

  • Schedule follow-up interviews with seniors for Academy staff to review job performance

  • Infuse workplace readiness training into everyday instruction whenever relevant

  • Work site report 


Work Based Learning Coordinator


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